Breaking: AI's Death Prediction Calculator Sparks Controversy with 78% Accuracy Claim!

February 6, 2024

By Jiten Surve

Researchers have developed a new AI death calculator called "life2vec" claiming to predict when people will die with 78% accuracy. By analyzing life events like health history and profession, it aims to forecast life expectancy.

Hey there, curious about when your time's up? There's this buzz about a new AI death calculator that's sending shivers down spines. Supposedly, it can predict when you'll kick the bucket with a freaky 78% accuracy.

This AI, nicknamed "life2vec," isn't your usual ChatGPT buddy. Nope, it's been cooked up by brainy researchers led by Sune Lehmann from the Technical University of Denmark. They claim it works by analyzing your life events - health history, where you live, how much dough you make, your job - to guess how long you'll stick around.

The author asserts that the model has the capability to predict nearly everything.

Lehmann compared our lives to sentences - just like words follow one another, events follow in our lives. The team dug into data from around 6 million Danish folks to make this gizmo work. They peered at people's pasts between 2008 and 2020 to figure out who'd still be around by 2016.

But here's the kicker: they're not just stopping at predicting death. Nope, this AI thinks it can predict all sorts of stuff about you, like your personality. Lehmann's team seems pretty confident about it too.

They're feeding this AI juicy bits about folks' lives, like "In September 2012, Francisco pocketed 20,000 Danish kroner guarding a castle in Elsinore" or "During her third year at secondary boarding school, Hermione took five elective classes."

It's got people talking, wondering if it's cool or just plain creepy. But hey, predicting the future has always been a hot topic, right?